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So, I'm flying to Atlanta for my Grandfather's memorial this Thursday. In the meantime I'm taking over the computer department at Best Buy. Not too much longer I'll be in Hollywood California with Randy. Work is sending me since I was one of the top 40 supervisors in the company. Awesome huh? After I get back though I'm quitting and going to work for Lowes. Argh...I've gotta go...baby is crying I just wanted to jump online and give everyone a quick update. Oh yeah...Today is Randy's and my 3 year anni!
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what are some usernames you've grown out of?

i'm just about over ceej, but it's simple and my name...others: miryclay, mistakenmunkee, babydoll,
umm..can't think of any others right now


Dang I wish I had as much time as Swell and a few others have to keep their site updated. Where does the time go? Yesterday I was so drained I ended up sleeping the day away when I wasn't caring for sick babies. Today is my only other day off for this week and I'm already 1/2 through it and feel like I haven't accomplished a freaking thing. Dear Lordy this sucks. Okay, back to taking care of babies. Outie
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hot dang

So I applied for the Customer Experience Manager at the other Best Buy in town a week ago. They are just finishing up interviews and I should be finding out by the end of this week if I got the job or not. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Yeah it would be more hours, but also more money and it's the next step of being an HR Manager. I guess we'll see how it goes. :) Wish me luck! Take care friends :)
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Yeah so I've been the MOD at work lately. I think this last Sunday was the best yet...I was hanging out w/ customers watching the Colts game and about jumped through the roof when they won! That would have been a sweet game to attend! Can't you tell I'm a hard worker? lol
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what would you do with a million dollars?

invest 1/2, down payment on a house w/ 1/4 & travel

if you could time travel, when & where would you go?

creation. To imagine the creation of everything around us and watching it develop into what it is today would be amazing.

quick entry

So I just signed up for face book and it's not so bad. I'm having old friends from college contacting me...pretty cool. Besides that life is SO dang busy I don't know which way I'm going, I think the baby sitter's friend took my checkbook, lucky for me I was out of checks, and the kids are nonstop energetic. In fact, I have to go pick them up. *yawn*. We've had 2 managers at Best Buy fired. One was screaming at the GM at the top of his lungs and yeah didn't have a job for much longer, the other just made a bad decision. SOOOO I get to be Manager on Duty for Saturday nights and probably Sunday nights too. Boy oh boy...this will be a fun week. We'll see how it goes. Hugs to everyone I miss you guys. Take care. --ceej
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